Dell Inspiron 15 3000 3543 Detailed Review

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 3543 The Budget Laptop For Casual Users

The Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Core Series i3 7th Gen Laptop is powered by 7th Gen Intel Core i3 CPU, 4 GB RAM, and 39.62 cm (15.6) HD LED Truelife Screen. The company says the laptop was designed for day-to-day activities management. The machine has 4 GB of RAM, 16 GB of memory can be expanded.

The Dell Inspiron 15 is a decent laptop for the cost. Although this can be considered boring compared to a few vibrant laptops mentioned above, the finely textured finish on the screen cover of Dell Inspiron 15 3000 gives it a premium look. Typically $350 gets you a laptop with Atom or Celeron CPU, 2 GB ram, a bad screen, and cheap design issues from what I’ve been hearing.

You get an i3, 4 GB of RAM, a semi-decent screen (with touch!), a DVD burner, and long-lasting construction quality in this kit. Good price point, very robust structure, simple to update, decent battery life and performance, reliable hardware.

Build and Design

The whole case is made of plastic, but it feels very well built, unexpectedly. The top has a lovely texture on it, which is good for gripping but can also be an oil trap and hard to clean. The front edges are well rounded to prevent them from cutting into your wrists while typing. The sides of the laptop are made of a glossy plastic coating, which is about this laptop’s only attribute that makes it stand out a little.

There’s a usual cardboard case on the underbelly with a removable battery and a pocket. This will allow you to replace the RAM, WiFi, and hard drive. The Dell Inspiron 15 3000 isn’t too bulky because of its size, weighing in at just over 5 pounds. Because the dimensions are exactly rounded to the nearest inch, I suspect there’s plenty of space inside the casing, but unfortunately, I haven’t got a chance to open the back to find out.

The size allows things like the removable battery and the optical drive that are no longer seen on the laptops. Those two aspects are some of the reasons I prefer this design as opposed to others. It was fairly easy to carry the Inspiron 15 around with one hand, but opening it with just one hand was another matter. Opening the cover requires a lot of effort and is certainly a two-handed process.

I suppose you should look at the bright side and feel confident that as you bring it around you, it will never fall loose. It’s curious that when they hit the joystick, they made a hinge that takes so much pressure to unlock but still seems to wobble. Nonetheless, I feel like this laptop will handle a few falls, that for many other laptops, I can hardly say. Maybe that’s what they worked at over the experience of the client.

Here is the Review of the laptop


The vertical viewing angles were bad, the colors changed completely, and the text distorted or blurred. Nonetheless, Dell Inspiron 15 3000 is better than some of the other TN panels I’ve seen recently, particularly on the Lenovo Y50 last year and some of the Chromebooks budget. The board is made of glass as it is a touchscreen and is translucent, of course. So if you’re a computer client outside, you’ll be grappling with reflections. The peak intensity is just 166 nits, to make matters worse. There’s no way backlight can overwhelm a bright background or daylight.

As for the other panel specs, for being a TN panel, the panel’s color quality is about an average. The sRGB output was 62%, the NTSC 44%, and the Adobe RGB 46%. The contrast ratio at 70:1 was pretty poor. The maximum strength of the black scale was 2.23 nits, which is more like a dark gray. The white point was 7100K.

In order to fit a screen, the cover hinge is a little flimsy. While doing taps and swipes, it will wobble, but it is certainly useful, and I could get used to it. The plastic bezel is one thing that stuck big time with the screen. I honestly never saw a laptop with a touchscreen that does not edge to edge of the glass. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it looks strange. I’m sure everyone would get used to it, so for most people, it’s not a deal-breaker.

dell inspiron 3543
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Mostly because they had to oversize the digitizer in contrast to the LCD panel in order to have space for edge swipes. So you’ll see a glossy black line around the monitor as you look at the screen and a white plastic bezel around it. I thought at first glance that it was a mistake in the resolution of the screen or something. It was also noticed immediately and commented on how odd it looked.

Hardware and performance

This laptop is powered by an i3-5005U Broadwell CPU and can handle lightweight tasks with ease, including Microsoft Office and typical Internet use. It’s nowhere near as fast as the processors i5 and i7, but it’s a lot better than the processors Atom and Core M. Unfortunately, the absence of turbo-boost clock speed is what makes it different from the i5, so the clock frequency is fixed at 2.0Ghz. You will undergo a 50 percent split in TDP in power-saving mode to save battery life, but the clock frequency falls to just 600Mhz. The power-saving mode was found to be sluggish and barely tolerable. It’s good, though, to watch movies.

The camera used is not the highest quality. They have it classified as 1MP, which means taking pictures about the screen’s size. If your setting is not ideal, you can probably get the shots grainy. This also relates to the video feed, as in a dimly lit room, it was pretty noisy. The pictures and videos look fine in a well-lit environment

If you are looking to get the most out of this unit, you really should consider setting up an SSD instead of an HDD. The HDD is incredibly slow, and the Broadwell i3 is hampered by doing its job. Fortunately, by providing us an entry door, Dell made it easy for everyone to do so. The trick would just be to shorten the partition and copy all the working partitions to the new drive. As far as the access gate is concerned, if you also want to update the RAM to 8 GB, you can do that quickly.

On this computer, the amount of bloatware is much less than I expected. There were only a few applications on my side, and they were all a little helpful. Perhaps Dell is turning over a new leaf because my past experiences with Dell told me they love loading bloatware on their machines.

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Fan Noise, Temperature and Speaker output

The fan is cooling this unit properly, and I haven’t really noticed that much of the fan noise. Indeed, if that says anything, I remember hearing the spinning hard drive more often. However, the fan sound is there, and my house is not the quietest place all the time, and the mileage may vary.

I can tell you that all the apps I’ve downloaded and all the internet I’ve been using didn’t make a dent in me that felt any excessive heat. It gets a little hot, but not as warm as an Ultrabook i7 anywhere. Since I had to do that in just a few days, I didn’t have the time to do a thorough temperature and sound check.

The speakers are nothing special – they are loud enough for everyday use, but they are still not loud enough to kill your music player. I even skip a relatively tinny bass and voice when the sound is turned up the whole way. It could be the drivers I had, but I observed an unnecessary pause when I prompted a sound activity. I can hear only the second half of the noise due to the delay when a notification arrived.

Keyboard and Touch Screen Response

The keyboard is fantastic. The key movement is fine, the keys are spaced out, and where it should be, everything is pretty well placed. This is a typical Dell keyboard from my experience. Unfortunately, it is not backlit, but this cost is hardly expected at laptops. The keyboard feels a bit cheap, but I certainly didn’t expect this model to have a high-quality keyboard.

There shouldn’t be too many difficulties for touch typists to adjust to these keys. My model had a small amount of stretch, but it was not really troubling. Generally, I was quite pleased with the keyboard, though I definitely saw something worse.

The trackpad wasn’t the best on this laptop, but it can surely be used. It’s a click-pad, positioned in the bottom corners by the right and left taps. It followed just fine from what I saw, with sufficient precision and tolerance. Once I found some jumping that I couldn’t replicate or describe.

 Dell Inspiron 15 3543

For the most part, the gestures of touch function as they should. There may have been two occasions where I had to explain the motion, but due to the size of the trackpad, it could have been. Unfortunately, the size does not make the trackpad pleasant. It’s wide enough, but it’s not as big as it should be. On the top and bottom sides, I was continually running out of the room. This has made it extremely difficult to remove Windows 8 applications on the trackpad. A touchscreen is a good thing.

Battery performance

The battery efficiency check consists of using the stock “Power Saver” power model, 30% illumination (60 nits), WiFi off, WiFi off, and playing a standard definition movie in a full-screen continuous loop with muted sound. When it’s unplugged, I start the clock and interrupt it when the system does a self-shutdown. The dell Inspiron 15 took 7 hours and 11 minutes to shut down, which is fantastic if you ask me, given that the battery comes with just 40Wh.

I was able to test the discharge rate under certain circumstances using Batterymon and determine how long the laptop would last under such conditions. For all cases, WiFi and Bluetooth were on, and the volume was set at 50%.


I have mixed views on this laptop, because I have high expectations for so long from using high-end laptops. It’s not enough horsepower to impress heavy users, but it’s a decent laptop for the average user who merely surfs the web and uses light office programs.

You also get a touchscreen and a DVD burner as an added bonus over a number of budget laptops. DVD burners are still a must for some of you out there, and the number of choices is slim pickings. If that’s you, it may be a strong one for you to consider.